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LAW ENFORCEMENT PROBLEMS - Why I left the Police Department Pt. 1

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I left the police department because I didn't like the many negative things I had seen.  There was one officer and under the guise of being a wonderful individual he would bring in a lot of drunk drivers. But he drove drunk himself all the time and he would not wear his seatbelt in the squad car and issue tickets to citizens for not wearing their seat belts and at the same time he would illegally park to issue parking tickets.  And, he would stop a lot of women drivers just looking for a reason to arrest them and bring them in to the station in handcuffs because he just loved to have a power-play over them.

I worked the late shift which was 11 at night to 7 in the morning and we had a lieutenant that decided that we should all be riding with the squads in another city that was a small suburb next to us. He had us riding along with their one-man squads at night because we were allegedly going to be trading information with them. There was really no valid reason and it was absolutely ridiculous and everyone of us were required to write a report about the assignment when we returned in the morning.  All of us told the truth about how bad the assignment actually was but this one officer was writing a glowing report as we looked over his shoulder and we asked him “How can you write that?  You know that it is false.”  The officer said, “Have you ever heard of telling them what they want to hear?” Well isn't that wonderful? An officer that can't tell her the truth and he tells him what they want to hear.  Another time he was in a situation where he called on the radio that he was in pursuit of a vehicle and described the driver as a white male wearing a red headband and then he was a couple blocks behind him. He called that in as he passed a two other officers that were just calling back in from an unrelated assignment and watched both vehicles go by.  

They immediately pulled out and began to join the chase.  In a few more seconds the officer yelled over the radio “Squad 66 to dispatcher! He struck a man who is now laying in the roadway.” and just as fast that driver had killed an 18 year old kid on a moped trying to cross the street.  When I read the report that this officer wrote “that he had never been closer than two blocks behind the driver.” I was outraged.  If that was the case, how would he know what the driver looked like when he called on the radio that “The guy had a red headband and was a white male.”  The fact was, that the officer baited the driver into running by pulling up on him and then dropping back so that man he was baiting took off.  The officer was really responsible for the death of a young person, so ultimately the department covered it up and took no action against him.  The city paid $5,000 to the family to settle the issue and claimed that the officer had done a wonderful job. That really upset me because after the baited driver struck the young man on the moped the car had been going so fast it traveled 1982 ft. before it came to a stop. I know that for a fact because I wrote the accident report and drew the diagram.

A short time later the officer was promoted to Sergeant when he was absolutely not worth the stripes of a sergeant and he was involved in one conflict after the other and also committed acts that were improper and wrong. Subsequently he was promoted to Lieutenant. and after being Lieutenant for a short period of time it was printed in the newspaper that he had been running a watermelon and chicken party for the other officers on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Day so the police department demoted her back down the sergeant In a few months they promoted him back to Lieutenant again.  And those kind of bad things happened and eventually I couldn't reconcile it within me and I resigned from the job. I can tell you lots more as we go further along in our videos and podcasts but it's a real shame and there's so much of that misconduct because these police officers continuously commit wrongful acts and get promoted because they're not willing to tell the truth. And the things they do are consistent with the philosophy of the the higher-ups in the police department who acted the same way when they were police officers.

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