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SELF-DEFENSE PT. II - Available Tools

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It's extremely important that you are aware and have plans in place, to avoid becoming a victim. Many people tend to live in a bubble, their own little world, where they get caught up with distractions so they fail to notice dangers around them..My first video prioritized awareness as a major skill that you must develop in order to stay safe.

This 2nd installment will cover “Available Tools" which you can use to protect yourself. Hello, I’m Salvatore Rastrelli, with the Archangel of Justice, I spent 25 years in law enforcement as a Firearms instructor and defensive tactics instructor as well as a SWAT team leader. After my retirement I continued as an instructor and advisor, helping people on security and how to protect themselves.

I survived working the streets as a patrol officer, undercover officer and detective. With over 30 years of experience I’ve seen and survived a lot by being Prepared; mentally, physically and equipped.. I want to pass on this information so will know what types of TOOLS are available to you, the citizen that can be purchased legally in every state.

Stun guns for example are devices which produce an electric shock that is painful but is not designed to kill..These tools are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use, but the drawback is you are in close proximity, arms length to your attacker. {typically around $50.00}


TASER manufactures a weapon that fires 2 dart like projectiles connected to wires out to a distance of about 15 feet. The electric shock is not designed to be fatal and has been successfully used by police nationwide.. There are different models available starting prices around {$400.00}, these are are safer for the user as the distance between you and attacker is greater than the standard stun gun types. Drawback price and single shot, if you miss you now have to use it as a stun gun, if you can’t reload it quickly.

Pulse Taser with 2 Cartridges -
Taser X26C With 6 Cartridges -

Pepper Spray or Pepper Gel, either of them are very effective, and typically will shoot a spray out to about 10 feet. I prefer the Pepper Gel by Sabre Red over all other products.. Do not buy some cheap brand you see in a grocery, department or hardware store..First you have NO idea how old the can is or actually what the concentration of pepper, is that will deter an attacker. Sabre Red Pepper Gel comes in handy key chain size cans to household size cans.. The small key chain variety is under $10.00 and functions reliably, up to 12 feet and will give about 30 short 1 second spray bursts.. Pepper Spray or Gel is very reliable, as I have seen it in use well over 200 times on the street and in training police recruits. A definite MUST in your self defense arsenal.


Collapsible batons which police officers carry are great tools but require training to utilize. Not very expensive starting about $50.00 and up..They can also have very bright lights attached which is also very helpful in the dark. These are good tools, but do require training and place you in very close contact with an attacker.

The next tool is a firearm, handguns, rifles and shotguns all have a place in your self defense arsenal. Obviously you will only be able to carry a handgun concealed on your person. The size of the handgun, caliber, either revolver or semi automatic pistol are personal choices..There are obviously legal issues with the purchase, training, carry, and use of any firearm as these are Deadly Force options.. As in each of the tool i listed here I will produce short blogs on each type so as to explain them in a bit more detail.

In the meantime please go to Amazon and purchase my book “How Not To Be A Prime Crime Victim” it is in a Kindle format and can be downloaded to a phone, computer or tablet. Its comprehensive and will provide you safety tips wherever you or a loved one may be..

Stay tuned for the next installment…..

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