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Have you ever worried about the well-being of a loved one or yourself when we're going out and about in public. In my self-defense introduction today, I will introducing the mindset you must have when in a self-defense situation along with different tactics you could employ if you find yourself in one of these situations.

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On February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day, a gunman named Nikola Cruz, opened fire inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing seventeen people. And injured 17 others not to mention the trauma of 100’s of others. Survivors quickly identified Cruz as the shooter as he had been a student at the school himself…

He was arrested an hour after the shooting off school grounds, after he left unarmed, from the buildings with other students that fled the massacre.

As a result of this horrible tragedy there was enormous public outcry against the AR15 weapon system since it was used by Cruz in the massacre.

The other huge problem which is even more alarming was the lack of police response. Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County Sheriff’s Office, of course denied any wrongdoing. Claims the deputies were trained and equipped and its not his fault they didn’t act.

Not only did they fail to act during the shooting, Broward County SO and the FBI had been previously warned about Cruz contemplating a school shooting on FB and DID NOTHING.

Deputy Sheriff Scott Peterson was on duty and on campus as the School Resource Officer, the day of the massacre. He sat inside his patrol vehicle and never set foot inside the school to locate, isolate and kill the shooter, he was forced to resign {yet keep his pension and all other benefits}.

In addition to useless Peterson, there were at least 3 more deputies on the grounds and they also did nothing to stop the shooter.

However, there was one off duty from Coral Springs PD, Sgt. Jeff Heinrich who did attempt lifesaving efforts on wounded students.

Since the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999 police officers and deputy sheriffs all over the USA were receiving specialized training on how to deal with active shooter events. It is a well known fact that SWAT cannot mobilize fast enough to a sudden active shooter event. Hence the training all officers receive is how to mobilize quickly from wherever they are and respond to the event, search, find and engage the shooter. Not sit outside and Hide.

Captain Jan Jordan of the Broward County SO recently resigned in November 2018 under a hail of ridicule for her lack of command leadership at the scene. She chose the typical non response by having deputies set up a perimeter instead of leading deputies into the event and seeking out the killer and stopping his rampage. Her lack of leadership also prevented wounded students from receiving the help they needed resulting in more deaths because of the inaction by law enforcement. Sgt Miller arrived at the scene before Captain Jordan and he did nothing to assist in life saving efforts.

This inaction by law enforcement is inexcusable and unacceptable by any standards.

Now Federal Judge Beth Bloom dismissed a lawsuit brought forth by 15 of the surviving students, on the grounds that the police had No Duty to protect the students, since they were not in custody.

This is exactly the type of court decisions that alienate police from th community they are paid to PROTECT and SERVE!
The outcry from the decision is as loud as the public outcry when the shooting occurred. If the police cannot use the training, weapons, and authority to save young people being gunned down inside their schools, then they are useless.

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It's extremely important that you are aware and have plans in place, to avoid becoming a victim. Many people tend to live in a bubble, their own little world, where they get caught up with distractions so they fail to notice dangers around them..My first video prioritized awareness as a major skill that you must develop in order to stay safe.

This 2nd installment will cover “Available Tools" which you can use to protect yourself. Hello, I’m Salvatore Rastrelli, with the Archangel of Justice, I spent 25 years in law enforcement as a Firearms instructor and defensive tactics instructor as well as a SWAT team leader. After my retirement I continued as an instructor and advisor, helping people on security and how to protect themselves.

I survived working the streets as a patrol officer, undercover officer and detective. With over 30 years of experience I’ve seen and survived a lot by being Prepared; mentally, physically and equipped.. I want to pass on this information so will know what types of TOOLS are available to you, the citizen that can be purchased legally in every state.

Stun guns for example are devices which produce an electric shock that is painful but is not designed to kill..These tools are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use, but the drawback is you are in close proximity, arms length to your attacker. {typically around $50.00}


TASER manufactures a weapon that fires 2 dart like projectiles connected to wires out to a distance of about 15 feet. The electric shock is not designed to be fatal and has been successfully used by police nationwide.. There are different models available starting prices around {$400.00}, these are are safer for the user as the distance between you and attacker is greater than the standard stun gun types. Drawback price and single shot, if you miss you now have to use it as a stun gun, if you can’t reload it quickly.

Pulse Taser with 2 Cartridges -
Taser X26C With 6 Cartridges -

Pepper Spray or Pepper Gel, either of them are very effective, and typically will shoot a spray out to about 10 feet. I prefer the Pepper Gel by Sabre Red over all other products.. Do not buy some cheap brand you see in a grocery, department or hardware store..First you have NO idea how old the can is or actually what the concentration of pepper, is that will deter an attacker. Sabre Red Pepper Gel comes in handy key chain size cans to household size cans.. The small key chain variety is under $10.00 and functions reliably, up to 12 feet and will give about 30 short 1 second spray bursts.. Pepper Spray or Gel is very reliable, as I have seen it in use well over 200 times on the street and in training police recruits. A definite MUST in your self defense arsenal.


Collapsible batons which police officers carry are great tools but require training to utilize. Not very expensive starting about $50.00 and up..They can also have very bright lights attached which is also very helpful in the dark. These are good tools, but do require training and place you in very close contact with an attacker.

The next tool is a firearm, handguns, rifles and shotguns all have a place in your self defense arsenal. Obviously you will only be able to carry a handgun concealed on your person. The size of the handgun, caliber, either revolver or semi automatic pistol are personal choices..There are obviously legal issues with the purchase, training, carry, and use of any firearm as these are Deadly Force options.. As in each of the tool i listed here I will produce short blogs on each type so as to explain them in a bit more detail.

In the meantime please go to Amazon and purchase my book “How Not To Be A Prime Crime Victim” it is in a Kindle format and can be downloaded to a phone, computer or tablet. Its comprehensive and will provide you safety tips wherever you or a loved one may be..

Stay tuned for the next installment…..

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I left the police department because I didn't like the many negative things I had seen.  There was one officer and under the guise of being a wonderful individual he would bring in a lot of drunk drivers. But he drove drunk himself all the time and he would not wear his seatbelt in the squad car and issue tickets to citizens for not wearing their seat belts and at the same time he would illegally park to issue parking tickets.  And, he would stop a lot of women drivers just looking for a reason to arrest them and bring them in to the station in handcuffs because he just loved to have a power-play over them.

I worked the late shift which was 11 at night to 7 in the morning and we had a lieutenant that decided that we should all be riding with the squads in another city that was a small suburb next to us. He had us riding along with their one-man squads at night because we were allegedly going to be trading information with them. There was really no valid reason and it was absolutely ridiculous and everyone of us were required to write a report about the assignment when we returned in the morning.  All of us told the truth about how bad the assignment actually was but this one officer was writing a glowing report as we looked over his shoulder and we asked him “How can you write that?  You know that it is false.”  The officer said, “Have you ever heard of telling them what they want to hear?” Well isn't that wonderful? An officer that can't tell her the truth and he tells him what they want to hear.  Another time he was in a situation where he called on the radio that he was in pursuit of a vehicle and described the driver as a white male wearing a red headband and then he was a couple blocks behind him. He called that in as he passed a two other officers that were just calling back in from an unrelated assignment and watched both vehicles go by.  

They immediately pulled out and began to join the chase.  In a few more seconds the officer yelled over the radio “Squad 66 to dispatcher! He struck a man who is now laying in the roadway.” and just as fast that driver had killed an 18 year old kid on a moped trying to cross the street.  When I read the report that this officer wrote “that he had never been closer than two blocks behind the driver.” I was outraged.  If that was the case, how would he know what the driver looked like when he called on the radio that “The guy had a red headband and was a white male.”  The fact was, that the officer baited the driver into running by pulling up on him and then dropping back so that man he was baiting took off.  The officer was really responsible for the death of a young person, so ultimately the department covered it up and took no action against him.  The city paid $5,000 to the family to settle the issue and claimed that the officer had done a wonderful job. That really upset me because after the baited driver struck the young man on the moped the car had been going so fast it traveled 1982 ft. before it came to a stop. I know that for a fact because I wrote the accident report and drew the diagram.

A short time later the officer was promoted to Sergeant when he was absolutely not worth the stripes of a sergeant and he was involved in one conflict after the other and also committed acts that were improper and wrong. Subsequently he was promoted to Lieutenant. and after being Lieutenant for a short period of time it was printed in the newspaper that he had been running a watermelon and chicken party for the other officers on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Day so the police department demoted her back down the sergeant In a few months they promoted him back to Lieutenant again.  And those kind of bad things happened and eventually I couldn't reconcile it within me and I resigned from the job. I can tell you lots more as we go further along in our videos and podcasts but it's a real shame and there's so much of that misconduct because these police officers continuously commit wrongful acts and get promoted because they're not willing to tell the truth. And the things they do are consistent with the philosophy of the the higher-ups in the police department who acted the same way when they were police officers.

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If you drive a car in the United States you know that it's illegal in every state to text while you're driving and in some states it's illegal to hold the phone in your hand and talk. Many vehicles have Bluetooth so you can answer the phone, with less distractions, which makes you more aware of driving. Drinking and driving is a major cause of accidents.. Being intoxicated or texting is distracting and it impairs judgement. While walking, jogging and texting is dangerous.

By being AWARE of your surroundings, makes you safer.

AWARENESS, is to be focused on your surroundings whenever your walking, jogging, bicycling, shopping, or driving you must be be aware of your surroundings to stay safe. By being AWARE of whom is around and where you are, helps keep you out of harm's way. Distraction prevents you from being AWARE of something or someone that may have the intention to cause you bodily harm. The society we live in can be dangerous as people fall victim to Crime on a regular basis..It could be robbery, carjacking, human trafficking, murder or some other form of violence. I'm not trying to frighten you, but we all must be AWARE of the dangers in society today. It doesn't matter where you live, walk or drive; it could be a mansion, apartment, house, car or public transportation.

The fact is ANYONE can fall victim of a crime, especially WHEN you're not AWARE of your surroundings. AWARENESS encompasses the use of all of your senses...By being AWARE you become tuned into your surroundings. To practice being AWARE go somewhere that People congregate and are busy doing something. Find a place where you can people watch, pay attention to everybody that's around, to see if you can spot who is not paying attention to their surroundings.

More important see if you can pick out if there's someone watching you! While you're out walking or driving, don't be so tuned into your music or whatever it is you're listening to, that you don't look around. We have peripheral vision that allows us to see side to side to, but you should be aware of who is behind you. Being aware signals people that you are prepared and not easy prey. If you watch a TV show about the Wild Kingdom, you will quickly observe that predators never warn their prey, before they attack. And neither will a human predator. Robbery, murder, rapes, and human traffickers are not going to warn you, that you're about to be a victim!

Predators will sometimes will employ stealth, blitz or a con game before they Attack! Think about how you put groceries in your car. Are you looking around or simply focused on loading your car? PLEASE stay tuned to our channel as I will cover numerous topics about self defense, for you to develop plans of action. From various tools to mental preparation or mindset, to defend yourself and loved ones!

REMEMBER, there is NO single plan to stay safe.

By being AWARE and VIGILANT, you are taking the first step to staying SAFE!

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In part 2 of a two-part series introducing the Archangels of Justice, the Archangels discuss the Angels Siler case and the inept investigation by the Carbondale PD. Although Pravin’s murder was eventually found guilty, the treatment his family received when getting answers, serves to highlight the problems with law enforcement and their inability to work with the public.

Pravin Varughese was an intelligent young, college student. He attended Southern Illinois University. Pravin went to a party and had the misfortune of meeting his murderer, Gage Bethune. He left the party and went in Bethune’s truck, unknowingly to his death. His body was found 4 days later in the woods, by police, medical examiner, and prosecutor, who collectively fabricated a story that Pravin, simply had gotten lost in the woods and froze to death...They ignored the multiple bruises on his head, arms and legs, all indicative of a serious beating with some type of heavy object. They ignored the dash cam video, which captured Gaege Bethune, coming from the woods taken by state trooper Chris Martin and his written report that Gaege Bethune admitted to fighting with Pravin and that he chased him into the very woods, his body was found in. All law enforcement from ISP trooper Chris Martin, through to the Carbondale PD, ME Jacobi and prosecutor Mike Carr were either incompetent or corrupt.

We along with the family brought every possible bit of evidence to officials from local police, prosecutors, congressional members, to the DOJ & FBI, to be TOLD there was NO MURDER. But 4 years later, through persistence, a special prosecutor NOT affiliated with Jackson County illinois was appointed, and Bethune was indicted and convicted for 1st Degree Murder.
Corruption in the criminal justice system comes in all forms, sometimes its plain incompetence and other times it more sinister..

Pravin and his family finally achieved justice, but were ridiculed and put through hell trying to prove it, by the corrupt authorities in Carbondale Illinois. Archangels of Justice will continue to Fight and Expose corruption wherever we find it.

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In part 1 of a two-part series introducing the Archangels of Justice, the Archangels discuss the Angels Siler case and the inept investigation by the Susanville PD. This case only serves to highlight the problems with law enforcement and their inability to work with the public.

We at Archangels of Justice are dedicated to getting it right the first time and telling you what is wrong with a case, when incompetent, or corrupt police botch an investigation so badly, that it is absolutely sickening… We have worked on hundreds and still working to resolve the horror these families have been put through!
These are only 2 of the many cases that we have found police to be either corrupt or incompetent!
Angel Siler, Susanville, CA and Pravin Varughese, Carbondale, IL
Both of these young, attractive vibrant people died much to young, and worse yet at the hands of another human being.
The police, prosecutors and medical examiners DID NOT do their jobs in these atrocious deaths. Both deaths classified as ACCIDENTS and not MURDERS, which they obviously were.
You can read extensively the press coverage, their FB pages for JUSTICE, and Archangels of Justice FB as well as our multitude of videos surrounding these cases as we fought alongside the families and the communities demanding JUSTICE for these 2 wonderful young people.
We travelled to CA and IL, to assist and badger police into doing the right thing, we even named the suspects and how the murders were committed to no avail for years…..
Until Finally in both cases, arrests were made of our prime suspects and convictions gained…
Stay tuned to our website and FB for continuing reports as we fight for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves…
We will be providing newsletters, video blogs, podcasts on topics that will range from saving your life, to saving yourself or loved ones from a corrupted criminal justice system…

Investigators, Salvatore E. Rastrelli and Ira B. Robins review actual cases to identify the problems within the justice system and determine the cures. They seek to reverse the breakdown in public trust, alleviate the hostility on both sides, and reduce the number of senseless deaths. Both are former police officers and private investigators with more than 88 years combined investigative experience. The intended audience and advertising target is anyone who has been wronged by law enforcement or knows someone who has; including all minorities and ethnic groups and anyone seeking to expose the truth and effect change.​

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